#20 Explore any site from Web 2.0 awards lists, play with it, and write a blog post about your findings

Throughout the course of the Vermont’s 23 Things program we’ve explored just a small sampling of internet technologies and websites that are empowering users with the ability to create and share content. Given time, there are so many more we could explore. Current estimates place the number of Web 2.0 tools at somewhere between 300 & 500 with only a handful emerging as market dominators. And although time will only tell which of these new collaborative social networking and information tools will remain on top, one
thing is for sure, they’re not going to go away (at least anytime soon).
For this Thing, participants are asked to select any site from either the list of Web 2.0 Awards or the 2009 Webware 100 winners and explore it. With so many to choose from, it might be handy to first select a category that interests you and then simply select a tool/site to explore. Be careful to select a tool that is Free and that doesn’t require a plug-in or download. The majority of these free, so this shouldn’t be a problem.


  1. Select any site/tool from the list of Web 2.0 Awards or 2009 Webware 100 winners.
  2. Explore the site you selected.
  3. Create a post about your discovery. What did you like or dislike about the tool? What were the site’s useful features? Could you see any applications for its use in a library setting?

7 responses to “

  1. I went to ma.gnolia and it took forever to load. It was about bookmarks. Furl is a social bookmarking site and would not be of much use unless you are into social networking (like the teens are) Clipmarks does the same things but loads much faster. I looked at Craigslist but quit quickly as I found an awful lot of references to sex or sexual organs. Not my cup of tea.

  2. Hi Mary,
    I have to respectfully disagree with your assessment of Furl. I love furl because of so many reasons, but chiefly because it makes doing research easy.

    And if you’re writing a paper, furl will even put your saved sites/sources into whichever citation format you designate (MLA, APA etc). I was even able to share my research with a professor by just sending him my saved list!

    Furl is so much more than social bookmarking- and you can keep your saved archive or portions of your archive private.

  3. The link for the awards list is no longer working. Go to: <a href=”http://www.seomoz.org/web2.0″

  4. That url didn’t go in right, so click here for the link.

    Or copy & paste this into your browser’s url:

  5. I’m interested to read Mary’s impression of Craiglist. I use Craigslist all the time for job search, apartment search, or search for objects for sale, and never thought of it as racey or sex related.

    Part of that is probably because I look past the postings that are irrelevant to me. Part of it also is probably because some areas of the site (job postings, personals, social areas) are extremely sex-filled, while others are a bona fide exchange of good information between people.

    This brings up a set of concerns particular to the web: in the past, we might ask if a particular channel or book or movie is “safe” or “appropriate.” With the web, content areas mix and meld and we’re not always sure what we’re getting. It is a conundrum, for sure.

  6. montgomerylibrary

    The awards page is a great site to bookmark and use to get to the best sites quickly when needed, use as a reference tool, or to go back to and explore more later.
    The start pages are a handy tool. I plan to try one at home and see how well it works on slow dial up. It may take to long to load! I think iGoogle is the cleanest looking, although it got third place.

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