#10 Set up a Facebook or MySpace page

Facebook Exercise details

MySpace Exercise details

If you’re not comfortable creating a Facebook or MySpace account, for an alternate exercise:

    1. Find 3 articles on these or other social networks.
    2. Blog about your thoughts on these tools and how libraries are using them.

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  1. Do we have to make accounts for our real selves? I just feel kind of silly — I’m way too boring to make good copy. But, if I could be Xena (or somebody, I imagine SHE already has an account.) I could pretend to be my dog, as I did on Flickr, but my kids make fun of people who make accounts for their pets . . .although I fully intend to friend at least one cat I know.

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  4. It was talking about social networking sites with our gathered neices and nephews over the Thanksgiving holiday.they all have multiple ways of staying in touch. As many are artists, they also mentioned other sites that were especially valuable for promoting artwork. they cautioned me, as a person of a certain age, to go for Facebook, so here goes!

  5. Since I cannot get on myspace or facebook, I talked to some teachers at school who use it. One thought it was great because she reconnected with a good friend from school who lives on the West Coast. They actually got together and are going to Alaska this summer. The videos that I watched from UTube about Facebook were hilarious. They all made jokes about “friends” you can make there, whether or not you will actually have a real meeting with them or not. And an article about how many students at University fail because they are on the addictive sites gave me pause. One article said students may study only an hour a week if they use the site. Hello! Don’t think that’s going to help someone graduate from college!
    I’m happy that we didn’t have those distractions when I went to school. I had enough trouble staying on task to study, what with freedom, boys, sports, etc. to distract me. Like anything else, there are good points and bad about social networking, but what I think is not going to change its impact. I think that teachers will end up using them as discussion boards, etc. as time goes on. It will certainly be part of this generation’s culture.

  6. I have had a facebook account for about a year now and I absolutly love it. I have reconnected to old friends and talk with my family more than I ever have!

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  8. I set up a facebook page when I saw that my local public library had one. It could be a great way for our school libraries to network. It’s been fun to see what the kids are doing and for me to connect to old friends.

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