The Sage RSS and Atom feed reader is a Firefox Mozilla Add-on. Users need to download the free Firefox internet browser before adding Sage.

If you’re starting from scratch, download and install Firefox from before adding Sage. Once Firefox has been installed as your browser, add the free download for Sage from


1. Sage features and help are described in the Sage wiki.

2. There is a Flash tutorial to get a sense of how to set Sage up and how Sage works to collect, organize and preview content–

Testimonial: Amy Howlett, Vermont Department of Libraries, Southeast Regional Consultant, says “Sage works for me because it’s relatively unobtrusive—just an icon in my browser toolbar. When I’m ready to look at RSS feeds, I click the leaf icon and can readily see what new content has been added to each feed. Adding feeds and blogs to Sage is easy too—right click on the feed in a page or use the magnifying glass icon in Sage to discover the RSS feed.”


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  1. So–I’m stuck before I even begin. My Tools doesn’t have Extensions. Went to Help and it seemed like I could get that by going to Add-ons, but the directions seemed to be for individual extensions not for getting it added to the Tools drop-down. Any help

  2. Hi,
    It looks like things have changed since Vermont’s 23 Things was set up. Here’s where you can go to get Sage:

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