#4 Register your Blog

Register your blog by sending an email with your blog’s URL to mara.siegel@mail.dol.state.vt.us. I will add your blog to Vermont’s 23 Things Participant Blogs page. That way everyone can share what they are learning and ask each other questions. You will also want to register your blog if you want to receive credit for certification. Your personal information will not be published anywhere on this site.


16 responses to “

  1. Well that took me quite a bit of time to do, but I think I get it.

  2. As the leaves start to show their brilliant colors I hope to enrich my tech skills and complete the 23 things.

  3. Feeling more confident. I made a blog for my teens. Pretty cool!!

  4. i love learning new things and really want to spend more time getting comfortable with the blogging world. Pam

  5. As a recovering Luddite, I’m really pleased with myself for making a little blog of my very own.

  6. Spring is for new beginnings so with that in mind I am looking forward to reaching my goal on technology. I am in the process of automating our library…..yipee!

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  8. Well, I think I did it. I have a blog, I changed the header picture and got myself an Gravatar. Can’t wait to see if it shows up here!

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