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15 responses to “

  1. This is great. I spent a week trying to figure out how to create a blog and found it’s simple at thanks to my gmail account. Now comes the fun part – setting it up and putting information, etc. in it.

  2. I just went through and took a peek at everyone’s blog. It’s really great to see the different things people do, the different presentations, what uses people think they might make of their blogs, etc.

  3. It’s great to get started! I’m really looking forward to jumping into this new blog.

  4. I take it back: these blog posts are intriguing! I’m especially impressed by those of you who are adding interesting backgrounds and attaching photos. Midstate newguy: where’d you find that nice ferny pattern??

  5. vtmidstatelibrary

    You can choose background themes with wordpress, which I see is what you’re using for your blog. When you’re logged in you’ll want to put your cursor over the “My Account” link in the upper left hand side of the screen. A drop down box will appear and you can select “Edit Profile.” Near the top center of the Profile and Personal options page there is a bar of options. One of these options is “Presentation.” If you click on that link you’ll be able to choose themes for your background. They have a fair number to choose from!

  6. Since I’m working the RSS projects, I noticed that some of the WordPress blogs have RSS feeds built in. Does anyone know if I have foregone that bit of coolness by putting my blog in Blogspot?

  7. Kate,
    When in Blogger, click on Customize (top right), then click on Settings, then click on Site Feed. At that point you can set your blog to Allow Blog Feeds.

  8. PLLoggerE– your blog looks great! I can’t imagine why you describe yourself as a technophobe when you have managed a blog entry, registering your blog with Mara, and even uploading a picture! At least I’m assuming that the library frog in Maine is yours….

    Wish I could post directly to your blog, but alas, I’m a WordPress kinda girl, and not a Blogger. Unless someone can tell me how to do that???

  9. Just spent some time browsing the Vermont Libraries 2.0 in Action– the sidebar on the right. I love the podcasts in The Children’s Room. Way to go, Springfield!

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  13. This is so interesting. Please add my link.

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