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Jen Dooley’s Weblog

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The Good Ship Beagle

Highway to Helen

it’s elementary

The OPL Librarian

Sinclair Road

Eartha Wizzi

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Grann1’s Weblog

Read Between the Lines

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Richard’s Blog

Library Log




Jo Anne’s Weblog

New and Views

Marcia P’s Blog


Annonymouse’s Weblog

Lapland Log

The Blue Boare Blog

Dog gone bloggin fun!

Lulu Strikes Back

Ridgefield Ruminations

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Pyramids Road

Lady Librarian’s 23 Things

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Northeast Regional Library

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doodah’s choice

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Vermont’s 23 Things


So Many Things

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U-32 Business Department

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Keepin’ the wheels turnin’



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17 responses to “

  1. Why does Summer Session Participant Blogs take us to participants from the winter session?

  2. Meg,
    These are the blogs of people who started in the winter, didn’t finish, and intend to this summer.

  3. I’m so glad I’m not the only retained student. I bet my blog will be more cheerful now that I’m not shoveling snow. Not as cheerful as Mara cruising the Strip, though.

  4. Well I think we are ready to show ourselves. This blog is new and we are ready for input.

  5. Here writes another retained student. Or maybe, let’s just say I’m going to summer school!

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  8. I haven’t had any comments about my blog. Of course, I haven’t left any, either–aside from this one. Next week I need to put the “social” in this social networking by taking time to look at what other people are doing–and leaving comments.

  9. There are some great ideas in these blogs! I have had a great time reading them and have left some comments. Good luck to everybody!

  10. Why are some of the names blue and a few of them black? How do I get mine to turn blue??

  11. Mary,
    The names are blue till you click on them. Once you do, they turn black. When you refresh your browser or delete your history, they will go back to blue. Until you look at them again.

  12. I am having fun looking at the new blogs. I wish that there was a way to easily delineate between the newcomers this summer and the continuers from winter. I piped all of the winter folks into my Google Reader and it was really easy to keep up, but looking at this list, it would take so long to sort them out, I haven’t gotten around to adding the new ones so I’m just not reading those as much. Any suggestions?

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  14. Help?!
    Does anyone remember reading about an website which would generate large, multi-page posters from a small uploaded image? It had some terrible name like Rastibator, or something like that.

    If you remember let me know!
    Ginger in Colchester

  15. I was robbed on craigslist by some crook using a mobile number. Jerkwad was stunned when I got her name and address and came calling lol!

    Phone Search

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