Participant Blogs – 2009/2012


Shelf Life

learn to live, live to learn

Learning 23 Things with Web 2.0


Mari102’s Weblog

Wag More Bark Less

Vtlibrarian’s Blog

AABrown’s 23 Things

Smacmar’s Blog


Slidinghorselady’s Blog


Footsteps to the Lighthouse

Dunnbloggin’s Blog

Newisle’s Blog

Travelinlibrarian’s Blog

Jrfalconlibrarian’s Blog

Bkpoodle’s Weblog


Centenniallib2’s Blog

Library 2.0: 23 Things

robin’s blog

The Curling Librarian

Chelseamaria’s Weblog

Librarybookworm’s Blog

Greenriverlibrarian’s Blog

Fun with Stella

Sophie Suggests

Nose Around

SIK’s 2k10 Blog

Library802’s Blog



Jleds’s Blog

CKL’s Blog


13 responses to “Participant Blogs – 2009/2012

  1. Sooo Im wondering why my blog address isn’t posted above with the others. Is that something that I do? Let me know

  2. Hi Heather,
    It would appear that you renamed your blog (from 23Things) while I wasn’t looking! It’s all fixed now.

  3. Hmmm I don’t see superpolly, oh where oh where can it be? Oh past participants. Well now to figure it out…

  4. I changed the name of my blog. For it to appear here with the new name does anyone know if I need to email Mara again?

  5. Hi Joy,
    Please do let me know.

  6. I’m glad to have read these comments as I was able to figure out what I had done wrong/not done. By jove, I think I’ve got it!

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  12. Here I am trying to catch up and the first 2 blogs I looked at have completed all 23 things already. How disheartening.

    But wait – as I read more blogs some of you haven’t commented since December – or even before!! Come on! We can do – you are not the last straggler out there!!

  13. Mara, my link is not working. Is it something I did? Any suggestions?

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