#10 MySpace

1. Here are some resources to get you started on MySpace:

2. Go to Myspace and sign up for an account. It’s pretty straightforward, but here are some instructions, should you want them:

    Go to myspace.com (link will open in a separate window).
    Click the “Sign Up” button.
    Fill in the account information and enter a birthdate that makes you over 18. Note: Don’t forget to fill out your date of birth, or you’ll get kicked back with an error message but the system won’t tell you why
    Verify your account – type in the numbers you see on the screen.
    Skip the ‘upload a photo’ page. This is optional and can be also done later. (Skip this step by clicking on the ‘skip for now‘ link at the bottom of the page.)
    Skip the ‘Invite Your Friends’ page.This is optional and can be done as soon as you finish setting up your account. (Skip this step by clicking on the ‘skip for now‘ link at the bottom of the page.)

    MySpace Account Confirmation: You will receive email verification of your new MySpace account in whatever email box you used to sign up for your MySpace Account. Follow the instructions in the email to confirm your new account. By confirming your account, you will also confirm your email address and be able to invite friends.

3. Look at and set privacy settings. Click on ‘Privacy’ on the top right side of the homepage You will see:

Account | Password | Privacy | Spam | Notifications | Mobile | Calendar | Miscellaneous

Click on privacy and read through all of the options

4. Upload a picture to your profile.

5. Join the Group: Vermont’s 23 Things.
Look for other Groups to join – there are all kinds of groups out there on MySpace. Try looking for a library related group.

6. Find some friends. (Hint: Vermont Librarian wants to be your friend!)

To do this:

Type a name (ex. Vermont Librarian) into the search box and choose ‘People’ from the dropdown menu

Or click on the search tab and search by Name, Display Name, or Email

7. Blog about your experience!


1. Customize your account: Explore your page customization options – click on ‘Edit Profile‘ to begin. This is where you can add more information about yourself. Or not – you do not, remember, need to add a thing. This is also where you can experiment with the look of your page – have fun…

2. In your blog, add a link to your MySpace Profile in your Blogroll under a new category called “Profiles.” Make sure you add your profile URL and not the URL of your back end page.

Note: If you want to cancel your account when we’ve finished up the Learning 2.0 project, here’s what to do:
Log in to MySpace
Click on ‘settings’ (it’s in the control panel under your name)
Click on ‘Account Cancellation’ (its at the bottom of the page).
You’ll get a cancellation confirmation email – click on the link included and you’re done.


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