Google Reader

1. To create an account in Google Reader, see Google Reader Tour, video tutorial #1 or #2. Or follow the instructions below:

– If you have a already have a Google account–if you have a blog with Blogger, it’s the same account–sign in. Otherwise, create a Google account. When you do so, you’ll need to respond to their email entitled “Google Email Verification”. Once you’ve done that, go back to Google Reader and you’ll be ready to add some subscriptions.

– If you know the address of the feed to which you want to subscribe, you can just click on the “Add Subscriptions” link and paste the address in the text field that appears.

– If you find one of these icons on the website or blog you want to subscribe to, Feeds icon RSS button click on it. Copy the address of the page you’re taken to, and paste the link into Google Reader’s “Add subscription” box. In some cases, the page may look unreadable, but it will look normal in Reader. Some sites have multiple feeds, so make sure you choose the main feed and not a comment feed, for example. If the site gives you the choice between RSS and Atom, choose either one—Google Reader understands both.

2. Optional: Provide the URL address to your public Google Reader account so that people can view your public subscriptions. To do this, after you’ve added the feed:

  • scroll down to the bottom of a post and click on ‘share’
  • click on ‘Your shared items’ on the left. You will be taken to a page that explains how others may see your shared items. You are given you a URL you can use to lead people to your shared items. There are also instructions for adding a clip to your blog.


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