FeedReader runs on your PC and notifies you when websites you are interested in are updated. To install:

Go to Feedreader and click on ‘Download’.

Click on Feedreader.

Click on ‘Download Installer from Fileforum’

Click on ‘Download Now’

Click on ‘Save File’

Run the file

Go through all of the steps in the Setup Wizard

Select pre-selected feeds to import or click on ‘Select None’ and they will be cleared/unchecked.

To add feeds:

Go to the website you wish to subscribe to.

If subscription is possible, copy the address from your web browser’s address bar or, if you see an RSS icon click on it and you will find the address of that website’s RSS feed.

Click on the “New” button in the top left hand corner of FeedReader.

A box pops up asking you to add the location or address of the RSS Feed you want to add. Type or paste in the URL and click on “Next”.

If it has worked FeedReader will automatically have found the name of the feed, and then you click “Finish”.


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