Vermont’s 23 Things – Fall Session

Here we go again! It’s September 23 and for those of you who haven’t yet gone on the Vermont’s 23 Things adventure, especially you children and youth services librarians, here’s your chance!! Find out what everyone has been talking about!

If you’ve already started and are a little stalled, how about using this as motivation to conquer the next Thing?

What is Vermont’s 23 Things?

Vermont’s 23 Things is a self-directed online learning program that will introduce you to many free Web 2.0 tools. If you’ve ever been curious about blogs, wikis, flickr, RSS, MySpace, and YouTube, but haven’t gone beyond looking up their definitions, here’s a chance to explore those tools (and more!) Vermont’s 23 Things will encourage you to play with them and see how they can be useful in your library (or personally).

Grace Greene, DOL’s Children’s Services Consultant, campaigned for a fall session for children and youth librarians, but all are welcome. As an extra bonus, Grace will be participating.

Please tell all of your colleagues. Consider finding a buddy to share the fun and keep you motivated. Your regional consultant is also available for help: Amy Howlett: The Good Ship Beagle, Michael Roche: Northeast Regional Library, Jeremiah Kellogg: Vtmidstatelibrary’s Weblog, and Rob Geiszler,


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