Vermont’s 23 Things – Summer Session


There’s one week left till the launch of the summer session of Vermont’s 23 Things. Get your garden planted and join us on June 23rd!

For those of you who are still working on the winter session of Vermont’s 23 Things, I will be turning off the links on The 23 Things page on Wednesday, June 18th for construction and turning the first few back on June 23rd. I will then unveil the rest of the weeks a few at a time. (If this causes any problems for anyone, please let me know ASAP.)

For those of you who intend to participate, you will register for the program when you do Thing 4 (Register your blog.)

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Vermont’s 23 Things

If you’ve ever been curious about blogs, wikis, flickr, RSS, MySpace, and YouTube, but haven’t gone beyond looking up their definitions, Vermont’s 23 Things is a chance to explore those tools (and more!)

Vermont’s 23 Things is a self-directed online learning program that will introduce you to many Web 2.0 tools. It will encourage you to play with them and see how they can be useful in your library (or personally).

To see more, click on Vermont’s 23 Things or cut and paste into your browser window.

If you have any questions about Vermont’s 23 Things, please contact Mara Siegel.
phone: 828-3261


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