Week 5 – Social Networks

It’s Week 5 and we’re exploring social networks, including Facebook and MySpace. Thing 11 has you setting up a Facebook or MySpace account. For those of you who would prefer not to, there is an alternate exercise. There have also been several questions about creating pseudonymous identities. If that makes you more comfortable, who are we to stand in your way? Enjoy the week!


2 responses to “Week 5 – Social Networks

  1. You can change you’re display name in MySpace really easily. Sign up like you would for anything, then go to “Edit Profile” and click the tab “Name.” The first option is your display name.

    Though, if you wan the whole thing to be alias, I think the only legit info you have to provide is email, otherwise my cats wouldn’t be able to have their own MySpace paged šŸ˜‰

  2. I have spent hours looking at social networking websites. It takes so much time to begin to see some of the possibilities.


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