Welcome to Vermont’s 23 Things!

Vermont’s 23 Things is a hands-on, learning program that provides an opportunity to explore Web 2.0 tools and the impact these tools are having on libraries & library service. All participants are encouraged to use the program as an opportunity to check out 2.0 technologies and think about ways in which our libraries can use these tools to deliver innovative library services.

Why Do This?
Web 2.0 is a phrase that was coined in 2004. It refers to the fact that the Internet is now an interactive medium rather than a ‘place’ to go to get information. Since people are flocking to these Web 2.0 sites, it is important that those of us who work in libraries should be up-to-date with the latest trends in technology and learn how they can be used in our libraries.

Here’s how it works:
Each week you will have an assignment with 2 or 3 tasks that will introduce you to a new tool. You will be asked to create a blog (which can be anonymous) to document your exploration.

Some other details:
1. Upon completion you will receive 10 credits towards the technology requirement for CE certification.
2. There is no ‘right’ way to do these tasks. The purpose is to learn, play, and share with your colleagues in your library and around the state.
4. Consider having every member of your library participate. Friends, library volunteers, and trustees are invited to take part.
6. Have fun!

Questions about Vermont’s 23 Things? Please contact Mara Siegel. e-mail: mara.siegel@mail.dol.state.vt.us phone: 828-3261 or your regional consultant.

Ready to start? Click on THE 23 THINGS at the top of this page.


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